A Call to Action


 April 24, 2020

Last night we received a message from our partners in Guatemala. Due to safety restrictions caused by COVID-19 they have had to temporarily shut down their daily food program, going onto 3 weeks now.
Yesterday, they began to receive phone calls from families who have run out of food. Children are “fasting” and are being limited to ONE meal, per day.


The calls are devastating. If there ever was a time to act on compassion, this is the invitation.

We are currently offering free shipping on all orders, no code needed, no minimum. Every purchase is a contribution towards directly helping these families.

Additionally, we are taking donations on our partners website, mcuguatemala.org/donate.
No amount is too little.

We understand the financial vulnerability COVID-19 has put on the world, if the most you can do is share this post or tag a friend, we would be immensely grateful.


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