Work From Home with Kids by The Mom Project

One of the many, many difficult things I've struggled with during quarantine has been business productivity and screen time for my kids. While I try to work on Onederful Co., after kids are asleep, I'll admit, I don't often have the same energy and children's fashion creativity at 10pm as I do around 11am. Enter iPads, TV or Nintendo Switch, for some stillness around the house, to help me concentrate. 

I came across this incredible resource last night as I was reading an article from the talent agency, The Mom Project. This article is a must read and filled with golden nuggets. It includes a comprehensive chart with suggested educational apps and other non-electronic activities by age range. 

These days us moms are wearing ALL the hats. Personally, as a retired career mom, to stay-at-home-mom, to entrepreneur mom, to homeschool mom, to now all of those things at the same time, I found this so helpful. It's the kind of article you're going to want to print, highlight and put on your refrigerator. But above all, it's the kind of article you're going to want to pass along to another fellow mama.

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