Our Why.

Seven years ago, pre-babies, we went on our first missions trip to Guatemala, David's ancestral homeland. 

Never could we have imagined the impact this trip would have on our lives. 

 You see, what we witnessed was an incredibly paralyzing need for basic necessities, coupled with the most generous acts of human display we had ever encountered. 

How can humans with such a lack of resources be so immensely giving? We were inspired, we were broken, we were changed, we wanted to do more.

Onederful Co. was created from our heart's desire to contribute more. However, not only for "us", but for anyone who desires to be a catalyst for change. You see, we believe there is so much power in "ONE".  Because one act of kindness, one act of generosity, can lead to one life worth changing - and that makes everyone truly "Onederful".

Please visit our homepage and scroll to our "You are Onederful" section to see this month's goal and how you can help make a difference.